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Open Strategy

With collective intelligence to more precise and more sustainable strategies

Welcome to a new era of corporate strategy! 

Open Strategy (OS) is a new and innovative approach to breaking the boundaries of traditional thinking by opening strategy development and implementation to a broader range of stakeholders.


Rather than relying on a small group of decision-makers, OS relies on the wisdom and creativity of a diverse community. By engaging employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we create a dynamic and inclusive strategy development process that leads to better decisions and ensures greater ability to implement.

Employees work at a table and look at the screen of a laptop

Benefits of Open Strategy

Better consideration of increasingly complex corporate environments.

Ensuring an optimized development direction through structured dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

Increasing the ability to innovate through greater diversity of actors and expansion of the knowledge base.

Inclusion of previously unnoticed aspects and thus creation of additional and novel knowledge

Minimizing the risk of traditional strategy processes by incorporating additional perspectives.

Increased acceptance through the creation of meaning (purpose) and stronger collective understanding


Effective decision-making through collaborative strategy development

Open Strategy is based on the conventional strategy development process, but complements it with innovative tools for analysis, dialog and ongoing development.

Graphic of the OPEN STRATEGY approach from DYNAXITY Consulting


Clarification of the management perspective and determination of the Protection strategy for confidentiality.


Application of OS toolbox for analysis, conception and anchoring in the company


Creation of structures and processes for the continuous strategy dialogue with defined stakeholder groups . 

Take advantage of openness, transparency and collaboration to take your strategies to the next level. 

We support you in the introduction and implementation of Open-Strategy in your company.  


In joint workshops and collaboration sessions, the knowledge and creativity of defined stakeholder groups is incorporated into the development of your strategy. We use modern online platforms and collaboration tools to facilitate communication and collaboration with the different communities.


We adapt the Open Strategy tools to your requirements and integrate them into your strategy development process. With Open Strategy trainings, your employees are trained in the use of the tools to ensure the sustainable anchoring of Open Strategy in the organization.

Our Offer

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