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Unleash your potential, build bridges, grow together!

We are pleased to present you our exclusive  offer for customized trainings, individual coaching and mentoring, constructive conflict resolution and mediation, inspiring executive sparring and professional expatriate onboarding in German, English and French.

Why DYNAXITY Consulting? 


Multilingual team of experts: Our highly qualified team of experienced trainers, coaches and leadership experts is available to you in three languages. We create a familiar learning environment and understand the intricacies of different cultures to best support you.

Customized Solutions: At DYNAXITY, we believe in the power of individual development. Our programs are designed to address your unique needs, challenges and goals.

Holistic approach: We view your personal and professional development as an inseparable unit. Our focus is on unlocking your potential and guiding you on the path to sustainable success.

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Our offers

Trainings & Workouts

Develop your skills and acquire new competencies. 

  • Leadership Trainings

  • Special-Interest Trainings

Strategies from the Cockpit

What Managers can learn from pilots: 

  • Decision Management: Making decisions quickly and correctly in crisis situations.

  • Error management: How can errors be recognized early on and learned from?

  • Crew Resource Management: Leadership and team development in aviation.

  • Non punitive Reporting: Identify systematic sources of error at an early stage. 

Executive Sparring

We provide a confidential space for you to discuss your ideas, plans and visions while we come up with valuable feedback, critical perspectives and strategic insights.

Expat onboarding

Facilitate the adaptation process and ensure smooth integration of expats into the new business and work culture and local networks.

Start Up Accelerate

Tailored coaching and mentoring for emerging startups, striving for excellence.


Constructively resolve conflict through a positive and productive approach to find common solutions and promote long-term harmony.

Sustainability Future Labs

How can local and global sustainability goals be realized? The FUTURE LABS initiative develops answers to these questions in the form of lectures, workshops, seminars, key notes, consulting and coaching.

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to excellence!

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Take advantage of our wide range of offers to develop your skills and gain fresh perspectives. 

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