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Digital Transformation

We support you in the transition to your digital future.

Digitize or die! Digital transformation is no longer an option, but the central survival principle for every company.


Based on Jack Trout's saying "Differenicate or die," the survival principle for companies today is "digitization.


Successful companies have already aligned themselves with "digital first". Today, digital transformation is THE critical success factor for growth and competitiveness.


However, this transformation is not only technological, but especially organizational and cultural in nature: the company must fundamentally change the way it works and how it delivers certain experiences or benefits to its customers in the course of the digital transformation.

The starting point for digital transformation is the customer journey, which we use to illuminate the potential for digital transformation from the customer's perspective.


With a supplementary analysis of the digital maturity level, the current status and the weak points of digitization in the company are determined and a roadmap for digital transformation is developed.


While organizational measures are still the main focus at the beginning, the focus shifts more and more toward IT measures as the digital transformation continues.


A combination of organizational and technical skills is therefore crucial to the success of digital transformation.

For organizations, digital transformation means making digital technologies available and usable, particularly in order to


  • make business processes more efficient and competitive, or

  • increase the added value of business models.

Digitization begins

with the company organization 

Graphic of the process model for digital transformation at DYNAXITY Consulting

There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will explore new strategic options - those that don't adapt will fail. 

Jeff Bezos

US entrepreneur and founder of, Inc.


Our Offer

Digital-Strategie und Roadmap

Optimierung von Geschäftsprozessen


Screening, evaluation and selection


Digitales Marketing und CRM

Social Selling

Use of digital media and channels for sales 

change management

Support for employees during the digital transformation

Trainings und Weiterbildung


Your Benefits

Holistic support by bundling organizational and technical know-how 
Objective assessment of IT technologies
Ensuring the alignment of the digital transformation with the corporate strategy
Use of proven methods, tools and best practices
Transfer of know-how and state-of-the-art methods into the company
Sustainable learning processes for your employees

Take the next step to successfully shape your future.

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