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Executive Sparring

Executive sparring: confidential discussions at eye level

In today's dynamic business world, it is critical that executives continually sharpen their skills and make strategic decisions with confidence. Our executive sparring offering at DYNAXITY Consulting provides an exclusive opportunity for executives to exchange ideas and expand their thinking with experienced coaches away from the daily management routine.

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Always act in such a way that the number of choices increases!

Heinz von Foerster

Austrian physicist, cyberneticist and philosopher 

Our approach to executive sparring

1. Needs analysis and goal setting

The starting point is a personal briefing and an in-depth analysis of the manager's needs and goals. The specific challenges, goals and expectations of the executive coachee are discussed together.

2. Self-reflection

The manager reflects on their own strengths, weaknesses, values, goals and leadership styles. This makes it possible to create a clear starting point for individual development.

3. Feedback and Diagnosis

An essential part of executive sparring is unbiased and constructive feedback. The sparring partner provides feedback on observed behavior, communication style, decision making, etc.

4. Development of solution approaches, strategies and methods

Based on the feedback, scenarios are played out and strategies and methods are worked out together in order to implement problem solutions and improve leadership skills. 

5. Implementation

The manager implements the developed strategies and methods in their everyday work. The sparring partner supports the implementation and accompanies the process.

6. Reflection and adjustment

Progress and experiences are evaluated in regular meetings. Adjustments are made to ensure that the intended goals are met.

 ​7. Continuous process

Executive sparring is often an ongoing process that continues over a period of time. The manager develops continuously and adapts their leadership skills to changing requirements.

8. Confidentiality

A central aspect of executive sparring is confidentiality. The executive can talk openly about challenges, uncertainties and goals in a protected setting.

9. Evaluation and measurement of success

At the end of the process, success is measured and it is evaluated whether the set goals have been achieved. This can be done by quantitative and qualitative measures.

Your benefits

  • You receive unbiased feedback, as well as new perspectives and suggestions from a neutral observer for your operational and strategic management activities.

  • You continuously improve your work behavior, your self- and resource management. 

  • You will develop effective and efficient approaches for dealing with challenging leadership situations and apply them.

  • You can openly "talk about everything" in a confidential setting.

  • You increase your effectiveness and thus create freedom for personal and professional development as well as for a better quality of life.

Invest in your leadership development with the executive sparring offer from DYNAXITY Consulting. 

Contact us to learn more about this exclusive opportunity for personal and professional growth! 

Take advantage of our wide range of offers to develop your skills and gain fresh perspectives. 

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