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Start-Up Accelerate

With our Start-Up Accelerate program, you not only gain access to a wealth of resources, but also to an inspiring network of peers.  


Our experts share their extensive, international experience with you and provide "hands-on" support in areas such as positioning, growth, financing, organizational and leadership development, and marketing/sales. In doing so, we offer you not only expertise, but also partnership-based guidance on your path to success.

Accelerating Success, Realizing your Vision

"Start-Up Accelerate" is a holistic and intensive development program specifically tailored for emerging start-ups. Through a comprehensive combination of targeted coaching, strategic mentoring and hands-on workshops, we help founders turn their vision into reality and successfully accelerate their start-ups.

Our Offer

Contact us now to begin your journey to entrepreneurial excellence.

Coaching for business leadership:

  • Individual coaching to strengthen your leadership skills and optimize decision-making processes.

  • Develop a clear leadership style and effective communication strategies.

Mentoring from Industry Experts:

  • Direct access to experienced mentors to help you navigate the challenges of the start-up world.

  • Valuable insights and strategic advice from successful entrepreneurs.

Business planning and development:

  • Step-by-step guidance on creating a solid business plan that includes your vision, goals, and business strategy.

  • Fine-tuning your business model for maximum profitability.

Organizational structure and team development:

  • Developing organizational structures and processes designed for sustainable growth to ensure your startup culture and performance are maintained as you grow.

  • Building leadership skills to effectively lead, motivate and develop teams. 

  • Talent management: identifying and developing key talent to build a strong employee base. Establishing staff development plans and programs.

Financing strategies and planning:

  • Analyzing your startup's financing needs and developing a sound financing plan.

  • Exploring various funding options, including investors, grants and crowdfunding.

Marketing and Sales Optimization:

  • Develop a customized marketing strategy to effectively target your audience and strengthen your market position.

  • Sales strategies and tactics to increase your sales and grow your market share.

Networking and cooperation opportunities:

  • Exclusive networking to establish valuable contacts with stakeholders (investors, multipliers, key accounts,...) and discover collaboration opportunities.

  • Build a strong network for future partnerships and business opportunities.

Let's write your success story together!

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