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We support you on the way to a learning organization.

As a cross-cutting matter, knowledge management encompasses all areas of a company and is essential for sustainably securing competitiveness.


Knowledge management creates added value in the company and contributes to sustainably securing the economic basis and increasing competitiveness through the intensive use of the knowledge of all employees. 


This means:

  • Maintaining, securing and further developing the competencies of employees, as well as the organization, in order to be able to successfully offer and implement appropriate market services.

  • Increasing efficiency by quickly finding and frequently applying relevant knowledge. 

  • Strengthening innovative power by activating and further developing the knowledge of all employees and important market partners (customers, suppliers).

The successful introduction of knowledge management requires a systematic and structured approach that is oriented to the strategic requirements of the company. 


In our approach, the starting point is the business processes for whose successful implementation corresponding knowledge is necessary.


The knowledge cycle develops along these business processes: If problems/gaps occur in the application of knowledge, these are closed by the acquisition of new knowledge (purchase, generation). The new knowledge is structured, subsequently integrated in the company ("learning") and applied again for the successful execution of the business processes.

Graphics of the process model for knowledge management at DYNAXITY Consulting

The treasure trove of success: 

Using and preserving valuable knowledge

Gtafik to toolbox for knowledge management at DYNAXITY Consulting

A comprehensive toolbox for specific challenges 

An essential aspect here is the holistic consideration of the design dimensions of technology, organization and people.

In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the only sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.

Ikujiro Nonaka

 Japanese economist and organizational theorist


Our Offer

Knowledge Management Audit

Knowledge Strategy & Roadmapping

Integration into business processes

Knowledge Management Tools

Training and Education


Your Benefits

Holistic support by bundling organizational and technical know-how.
Objectified evaluation of existing knowledge processes, structures and tools. 
Ensuring the alignment of knowledge management with corporate strategy.
Use of proven methods, tools and best practices.
Transfer of know-how and state-of-the-art methods into the company.
Sustainable learning processes for your employees.

Take the next step to successfully shape your future.

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