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International Business Development

We help you with the development of your business idea up to the successful entry into national and international markets.

Business Development is the driving force for identifying growth opportunities and thus ensuring sustainable entrepreneurial success. 


Business development has long since ceased to be the preserve of fast-moving high-tech industries.


With increasing digitization and globalization, competition has also intensified significantly in previously conservative markets. Innovation and the development of new business areas are therefore the order of the day for every company.


Those who fail to take this into account run the risk of being successively squeezed out of the market: "If you don't move with the times, you move with the times".

Graphic of the process model for business development of DYNAXITY Consulting





In order to quickly grasp the potential and avoid empty kilometers, the first step must be an analysis of the targeted markets, their potential, the market players, the "rules of the game" and the key factors influencing market success ("business drivers").


Once the "playing field" (market segments) has been defined, the next step is to develop the most promising position, define the business model and service offering, and calculate the business case ("business plan").

If the business case has sufficient potential (Go / No Go), the Go2Market concept and the market entry plan are created and the business case is transferred to the line organization after a market entry phase.

How is Business Development

successfully implemented?

Business Development combines innovation with marketing and sales.

It basically consists of 2 phases.

Successful business development 

  • enables sustainable growth beyond the core businesses

  • continuously ensures the development of new business options

  • develops and maps framework conditions for technologies

  • identifies new application areas for products and technologies

  • provides trend and needs analyses

  • supports the organization with methodological expertise

  • provides a basis for decision-making with long-term impact for the entire company

It is very difficult to develop products for target groups. Very often people don't even know what they want - until you show them.

Steve Jobs

US entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc.


Our Offer

Idea Evaluation


Market Opportunity


Business Model / Business Plan

Go2Market Strategy 

Product Design / Pricing

Market Communication

Sales Development

Sales Training and Cross-cultural Trainings


Your Benefits

Profound analyses as a solid basis for your investment decisions
Creative solutions with high impact
Anonymized preparation of your market entry "below the radar" of your competition
Professional and comprehensive support during the market launch
Takeover of selected operational  communication and sales measures
Risk minimization by accompanying your sales in selected markets
In these markets, we offer you operational sales support with qualified local partners.
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Take the next step to successfully shape your future.

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