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Abstrakter blauer Hintergrund  als Symbol für Business Resilience bei Dynaxity Consulting

Business resilience

Become more resilient to multiple disruptions. 

How does leadership work in times of multiple disruptions? 

Until now, many things have been "unthinkable" in the day-to-day operations of companies.


Who, even in their wildest thoughts, could have anticipated the effects that have resulted in particular from the pandemic and the geopolitical upheavals of recent years?


Massively increased interest rates, sharply increased inflation rates, supply chain disruptions, upheavals in the energy sector, loss of purchasing power among broad sections of the population, etc. pose massive challenges to the resilience and survivability of companies.


In Europe, we are in the midst of a geopolitical transformation process, and for many companies, the future is simply about survival.

Lighthouse in a storm with high waves as a symbol for business resilience at Dynaxity Consulting

Studies by McKinsey and BCG show that not every company suffers lasting damage from crises, on the contrary, there are companies that emerge stronger from crises.


These companies have the ability not only to absorb shocks, but also to use them to build competitive advantage. In short: they are more resilient.

Resilient companies are characterized by specific capabilities: 

Those who weather crises well grow stronger later.


Development of contingency plans, establishment of early warning systems and constant monitoring of the environment for new risks to avoid "strategic drifts".


Building operational and financial buffers, diversification of revenue streams, heterogeneity of key business elements and modularization of the organization. 


Focus on consumers and customer experience, agility, operational flexibility, freedom for experimentation.


Shaping the new normal after the crisis and redefining industries.

Business resilience is not an "innate" ability - it can be learned. To achieve this, companies must put their strategies, structures, processes, and also their corporate culture to the test and develop them further on the basis of important fields of action.


We guide you and your teams through a structured process where first the relevant value drivers of your company are identified and corresponding disruption scenarios are defined. A simulation analysis is then used to analyze the impact of the scenarios on P&L, liquidity and balance sheet. Based on this, we then jointly develop your business resilience strategy.

Graphic of the process model for business resilience at DYNAXITY Consulting

Our offer

From the 360° stress test to the development of your resilience strategy

Develop your business resilience strategy now and make your business more resilient to disruptive change.

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