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Abstrakter grüner Hintergrund als Symbol für Inside Sales bei Dynaxity Consulting

Inside Sales

Organize sales and marketing more efficiently.

Sales and marketing optimization redefined!

The primary drivers of any corporate growth are sales activities. 

However, one of the biggest productivity killers in sales is the conflation of disparate responsibilities, e.g. lead qualification, cold calling, closing, execution and account management into one general "sales" role.  As a result, responsibilities are poorly perceived, valuable resources are poorly utilized, and the quality of implementations suffers.  

With the INSIDE SALES approach, we help you to focus your team on clearly defined tasks and thus make them more efficient. In this way, sales becomes the result of a series of interlinked processes - and is not the achievement of one person.


With INSIDE SALES we bring a massive part of the sales activities inwards and build up so-called INSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVES for this purpose, which generate a high and above all additional business volume at much lower costs than the classic sales force. And please don't misunderstand; we are not talking about second-rate telemarketers here, but about the core sales team.

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Our Offer

Sales & Marketing Audit
Inside sales change concept
Reorganization of processes & structures
Inside sales training
& coaching


Consultants are often rightly accused of developing detailed concepts but then leaving their clients to deal with them alone.  


We see ourselves primarily as coaches who take responsibility for successful implementation. This is less about transferring expertise than about giving direction, accompanying and motivating.  



In doing so, we act as a sparring partner for you and your team and drive the implementation forward.


First of all: we do not think much of selective individual measures such as ​

  • the introduction of CRM, because software seems to solve all problems

  • sales trainings born purely out of necessity or 

  • Ho-jerk promotions to win new customers, when it is almost too late again.


For a sustainable increase in performance in sales, it is necessary to delve deeply into processes and structures, to question them critically and to align them specifically to the new challenges.


This requires courage and a real commitment to change - in other words, more of a marathon than a sprint.

Increase the power and impact of your sales with INSIDE SALES. 

Questions we handle with INSDE SALES 

  • In the USA, up to 50% of sales activities are already shifted inwards and carried out by INSIDE SALES teams.


    We are talking here about qualified thoroughbred sellers. These work internally, incur lower costs and at the same time achieve a much higher number of customer contacts than the field sales force.


    And only the activities that absolutely require a visit to the customer are passed on from the INSIDE SALES to the field sales force.    


    We would be happy to discuss with you how you can build an inside sales team and thus increase the performance of your sales department.

  • International studies prove that the sales force spends the lion's share of their valuable time on administrative activities, order processing, and looking for new customers, etc. It devotes only 10%-25% of its time to sales talks, which in turn mostly relate to existing customer business.


    However, the strongest lever of the sales force lies in new customer business and the introduction of new products. And only then do sales talks really become meaningful. 

    We would like to discuss with you how you can more than double the number of new customers!

  • If you have breakthrough products and/or technologies, or you are the opinion leader in your industry, then new customer acquisition is a no-brainer for you.  Otherwise, however, the main focus must be on developing a truly competitive product-price proposition.  


    But that is the ultimate responsibility of management and cannot be delegated to sales.

    If this convincing offer is missing, then neither the large-scale approach of potential customers nor the creative implementation of an advertising campaign will lead to success.


    We would like to discuss with you what the bare figures and your gut feeling say about your existing offer and how it can be improved!

  • If you have decided to sell through channel partners, then it is an "all-or-nothing" partnership. For your sales department, this means that there are no longer sales managers here, but dedicated "channel managers".  This means that you are no longer in charge of the sales activities, but you can support them with sales training, joint events and joint customer visits, etc. 

    However, you must also face the critical question of what priority you have in the dealer's portfolio.  The most crucial of all questions for sales success is therefore the choice of the right sales partner. 


    We would like to discuss with you how you can find the right sales partners and achieve the greatest possible success with them!

  • The cruel truth is that it should not be the job of sales to generate or qualify leads. Because it is too valuable and misused for that. 

    Not only is it a costly activity, but it also results in sales taking it upon themselves to decide whether or not to process opportunities.


    In fact, there needs to be a new accountability in marketing that continuously allocates a sufficient number of qualified leads to sales, which they have to process without exception.


    We would like to discuss with you this new challenge for marketing and the close integration with sales that this requires!

  • As Peter Drucker said, "If you don't measure it, you can't manage it. And this brings us to the fallacy that you can manage output - such as the achievement of sales targets.


    In fact, you can only manage activities that result in output. And of all the sales activities, the number of sales calls made adds the most value, making it the most important metric. But in most organizations, this is neither measured nor managed. 


    We would like to discuss with you how to increase the output of sales by focusing on activity metrics.           

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